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My name is Dr. Dean Smith, and I pastor a multi-site church in Silicon Valley. My early years as a Christian included a heavy emphasis on Young Earth Creationism, but later I become agnostic, at best, on the issue of origins. Not that I doubted God’s involvement; I was anxious to preach through Genesis 1-4, but I knew I could not honestly teach it the way it had been taught to me.

In Spring 2009, as a board member of the company Highway Media, I was invited to Washington D.C. to attend the initial launch of the BioLogos website. Since then, my involvement with BioLogos has transformed not only my understanding of origins but also brought me a fresh perspective to faith, science, and life. The people who have shaped the message and ministry of BioLogos, including Francis Collins, Deborah Haarsma and Darrel Falk, have helped me migrate to a vibrant faith that makes much more sense. With wisdom and humility, BioLogos has bridged scientific truth to the conservative evangelical world by stimulating informed, constructive conversations allowing me to preach on Genesis 1-4 with honesty.

In 2011, I served as producer of From the Dust, a feature-length documentary film released jointly by Highway Media and BioLogos. The film was created with a high view of scripture while maintaining a mission of truth seeking. BioLogos consistently provides invaluable resources that transform our understanding of matters of science and faith.

Our first church site still meets across the street from Stanford University. We have a large number of scientists within our Palo Alto church community. The ministry of BioLogos helps them integrate their faith with their work and establishes a base for conversations about science and faith through our church communities.


Dr. Dean N. Smith
Senior Pastor, The Highway Community




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Dean Smith

Dean Smith is lead pastor of the Highway Community, a multi-site church reaching Postmoderns in Silicon Valley, Calif. Smith holds a bachelor’s degree from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, Calif.; a Master of Divinity from Western Seminary in Portland, Ore.; and a Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif. Smith has ministered for 30 years and presently serves as an adjunct professor in pastoral ministry and spiritual formation at Western Seminary in the Bay Area. In addition, Smith serves as president of Highway Media, a non-profit company dedicated to helping the church tell stories, start conversations about the Gospel and seek truth.

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