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I Am BioLogos

As many others, I first came across the “BioLogos” term while reading in 2007 the recently published The Language of God by Francis Collins, that I bought at the 2007 Edinburgh joint meeting of Christians in Science and the American Scientific Affiliation. As a chemist with a specialization in molecular biology, and already several years as a postdoc in virology/biotechnology/gene therapy, there was hardly any new scientific content in the book that I had not learned about since my undergraduate years. However, reading the science within the context of a top scientist giving his Christian testimony made a profound impact on me. In particular, I was fascinated by the use of the genomic evidence of mobile elements to discuss the recurrent topic of evolution, as I had just published a paper on one of these elements and was at the time doing further research on others (that ended up being published in the summer of 2013).

That same year, while researching in Scotland, I was asked to take part in a Christian conference back in my home country, Spain, the next year on the topic of Intelligent Design. It was perfect timing; I spent 2007/2008 studying the genomic evidence for evolution summarized by Collins and reading texts by ID propones like Behe or Dembski as well as many webpages, blogs, printed papers, etc. I combined that with primary research on mobile elements in the just-released sea urchin genome. It was a very exciting and stimulating time, and for me, left no doubt that the genomes of the living beings tell a long and complex history of evolution that no creationist or ID proponent has been able to dismantle. The text of my presentation appeared later in 2008 on a Spanish website.

But that was not the end. In 2008 I returned to work in Spain and I decided to rekindle a project from the late 1990s to start a Centre for Science and Faith hosted at the Federico Fliedner Foundation. I had the help and support from Malcolm Jeeves (Christians in Science) and Denis Alexander (Faraday Institute for Science and Religion). In early 2012, while engaged in the translation of a paper by Dr. Dennis Venema, I started to wonder whether it would be good to have a closer collaboration with The BioLogos Foundation. So when the call for projects from BioLogos came in this very year, I seized this opportunity at once, and after a long process our project was awarded in early 2013.

This is a tremendous opportunity for a new group starting in a country that has nearly no previous history of science and faith activities. We plan to both generate our own materials and also translate some of the first-class resources available on the BioLogos web site. The diversity of these resources, ranging from the history of science and faith to the latest cutting-edge scientific findings is an impressive offering where those wrestling with origins questions can return over and over again to find information and expert discussion. At a time when the internet is overcrowded with all sorts of information and misinformation on every topic, and the origins issues are no exception, it is good to have a place where you can be sure that the information is dealt with by experts. Such a place should be considered an important resource both for Christians working in the sciences, and also for non-scientists who want to have good information on origins topics by fellow Christians who know the material first-hand.

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Pablo de Felipe obtained a PhD in Chemistry (Molecular Biology) at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). He worked as a Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews (Scotland) before joining the Spanish Medicines Agency. Since April 2016 he is a lecturer in science and faith at the SEUT School of Theology, and Evangelical institution in Madrid, Spain (www.facultadseut.org) where he also coordinates the Centro de Ciencia y Fe (Centre for Science & Faith, www.cienciayfe.es), belonging to the Fundación Federico Fliedner (www.fliedner.es).

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