I Am BioLogos: Equipping the Church

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I Am BioLogos: Equipping the Church


I Am BioLogos


BioLogos is one of the very most important ministries in existence, because it strongly and so effectively addresses one of the most formidable crises the Church faces today. As militant skeptics aggressively wield science to batter the Church, question the Gospel, and attack the faith of believers, BioLogos defangs their so-called scientific arguments by exposing the unscientific philosophical presuppositions behind them, and demonstrating the consonance and harmony that exist between what God has revealed in His word and what He’s revealing as we explore His creation (science = the exploration of God’s creation).

While there are other faith-science organizations, most of them deny some or most of what God is revealing through science. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some insist that the universe is young; others concede an old universe but refuse to accept the staggering evidence affirming “macro-evolution.” Though well-intended, these organizations are unintentionally harming, not helping, the believer, and setting him up for a train wreck of faith as the mountain of evidence discrediting their views continues to grow.

What distinguishes BioLogos is that it unflinchingly embraces what God is making clear to us about both His universe and His methodologies, and powerfully defends the Christian faith in light of it, thereby equipping the believer and the Church, and making our faith moreimpervious to assault. BioLogos’ vast, unparalleled wealth of contributions by pastors, theologians, Christian philosophers, scholars, and scientists makes it the sine qua non of faith-science organizations.

The Church today stands at a crucial crossroads, much as it did centuries ago when evidence began pouring in that the sun – not the Earth – was at the center of our solar system. Prior to then, theologians had long insisted that the Bible demanded an Earth-centered view of the solar system; the new evidence seemed to wage war against Scripture itself (Martin Luther himself adamantly condemned it). Indeed, perplexed and disoriented by this new evidence, the Church’s first reaction was to lash out against science. But God blessed the Church by nudging us to critically and prayerfully re-examine our longstanding scriptural interpretations – i.e., to truly “be Berean” – and brought us to a complete peace with what had once so terribly vexed us.

The issue of evolution is to the Church today what the structure of the solar system was yesterday, and BioLogos is, I believe, a God-appointed “escort” to help navigate us to a place of peace, stability, and strength.

On a personal note, not only has BioLogos as a ministry been tremendously edifying to me, but so have my interactions with its personnel and contributors. I’ve had the privilege of serving on BioLogos’ advisory board, and have consistently been blessed by these caring, Bible-believing, Christ-loving, Church-supporting men and women of God, who are committed to using their gifts for the building up of the Church (1 Corinthians 14:12).

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