I Am BioLogos: Averting Tragic Choices

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I am a professor in a biological science department at a major research university. I am also a Christian and faculty advisor to campus Christian ministry organizations on the University of Wisconsin campus. Throughout my career, I have counseled two kinds of students. On the one hand, there are many Christian students who, having come to the University of Wisconsin, feel that they must make a tragic choice between vibrant, biblically based Christian faith and science. Helping these students to see that this choice represents a false dichotomy is a key step in helping them to become fully devoted followers of Christ. On the other hand, there are students considering the Good News about Jesus for the first time. They are surprised that it is possible to be a Christian and a scientist. Helping these students to see that it is not only possible, but exhilarating to be a scientist who is a Christian can be crucial to removing barriers that keep these students from considering the Gospel.

By providing books, online resources, and digital media of tremendously high quality, the BioLogos Foundation is an invaluable resource in my work with both kinds of students. Christian students discover a community of thoughtful fellow believers as passionate about their walks with God and his word as they are about the latest scientific discoveries. Students investigating Christianity find credible, authoritative coverage of scientific topics from an unapologetically Christian perspective, sweeping away tired categories. In the BioLogos Foundation, both types of students see modeled before them a “Psalm 19” way of thinking: that both God’s world and his word declare his glory.

I am grateful for BioLogos and its mission; it provides a crucial service to Christ and his church, and helps faculty like me to be salt and light on the university campus.

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Jeff Hardin

Jeff Hardin is Professor and Chair of the Department of Zoology and Faculty Director of the Biology Core Curriculum at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research focuses on basic mechanisms of early embryonic development. He is a member of the Board of Directors of BioLogos.

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