A True Read on Reality, Part 2

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This post is part two of a two-part essay. Read the first half here.

Here’s where I messed it up. I was prepared to argue that a clone wasn’t offspring, but I was not prepared to argue that a clone wasn’t human. “It’s a mystery,” I replied, elusively, sounding very much like a theologian.

The bioethicist seated next to me was visibly agitated. Younger than me, he was probably bucking for tenure, looking to make a splash by taking down a minister. “There’s no ‘mystery’ to any of this!” he bellowed. “Humans are humans are humans regardless of how they come about. Nervous systems are just like respiratory or digestive systems. A clone would have a soul because the very idea of soul is nothing more than a fabricated belief conjured up by our ancestors for the sake of some reproductive advantage.”

Update (18 May 2016):  This blog post has been truncated because its contents are now copyrighted in the book, How I Changed My Mind About Evolution. The book page and ordering info can be found here.




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