A True Read on Reality

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Growing up in the South, evolution wasn’t something you brought up in polite conversation. And the Lord knows you never talked about it in church. It’s not that my church necessarily rejected evolution, mine was one of those liberal mainline Southern churches where the deacons smoked outside between services. It was more the realization that admitting you descended from monkeys struck too close to home...

Update (18 May 2016):  This blog post has been truncated because its contents are now copyrighted in the book, How I Changed My Mind About Evolution. The book page and ordering info can be found here.




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Daniel Harrell

Daniel Harrell is the Senior Minister of Colonial Church in Edina, Minnesota. He is the author of the books Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith, How To Be Perfect: One Church’s Experiment with Living the Book of Leviticus, and the forthcoming Wisdom of the Saints (And Near Saints): Christian Inspiration from A-Z. He also teaches theology at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul.

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