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In today's video, Dr. David Finch, a biologist at New York University, discusses his thoughts on both Creationism and the effects of "new atheists" like Richard Dawkins. Finch voices his frustration that many "seekers of truth" ignore the scientific truth of evolution. He asserts that while Darwin was right about natural selection and the patterns of evolution, he was wrong in regards to genetics—the central mechanism by which biological change occurs. However, evolutionary science did not stop with Darwin, and modern science has made a lot of progress towards understanding how genes work in light of evolution.

Ultimately, however, Finch remarks that "science can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God." To him, those who proselytize atheism under the banner of "science" do a disservice to science. The goal of scientists is to understand the physical world around us, and most scientists go into their labs to discover something wonderful about the world, rather than to comment on the existence of God.

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