Craig Story

Craig Story

Gordon College

Craig Story is Professor of Biology at Gordon College, a small non-denominational Christian college located on the North Shore of Massachusetts. There, he directs the Health Professions program and teaches a number of cell biology courses. He studied antibody transport in pregnancy for his doctoral research at Brandeis University, and in his postdoctoral training at MIT and Harvard Medical School he worked on an unusual virus immune evasion process. Since 2013, Dr. Story has worked with church leaders, seminary professors, and the public to foster important conversations about science and the Christian faith. He keeps busy with beekeeping, gardening and observing God's marvelous creation.

Topics include:

  • Biology
  • Discussing the big picture of life (big tree of life)
  • Genetics
  • Various evidences of shared ancestry
  • How species change over time
  • Different mechanisms for "natural selection"
  • How biologists define what a "species" is
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    Craig M. Story
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