Sy Garte

Dr. Sy Garte earned his biochemistry and BS in Chemistry from the City University of New York. He has been a Professor of Public Health and Environmental Health Sciences at New York University, Rutgers University, and the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to over 200 scientific publications in genetics, molecular epidemiology, cancer research and other areas, Dr. Garte is the author of four books, and of articles in Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith (PSCF) and God and Nature.  He recently retired from a senior administrative position at the NIH, and is now President of the Natural Philosophy Institute, where he is working on a John Templeton Foundation grant to study the theory of gene regulatory networks. Dr. Garte is Vice President of the Washington DC Chapter of the ASA, and a member of the John Templeton Foundation Board of Advisors. His blog is

  • Stochastic Grace

    | Sy Garte
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    Stochastic Grace | Sy Garte

    My parents were card-carrying members of the American Communist Party, and therefore the atheism in my household was close to the militant anti-theism of the so-called “new athe... Read More >

    Going Deeper
  • Science and Scientism in Biology: The Origin of Morality

    | Sy Garte
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    Science and Scientism in Biology: The Origin of Morality | Sy Garte

      The problem is that as human beings, we know that goodness exists, so it must be accounted for, and if one is a staunch believer in scientism, it must be accounted for scien... Read More >