Suzanne Rhodes

Suzanne Underwood Rhodes received an M.A. in poetry from Johns Hopkins University and was a resident fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. She has served on several boards and committees of poetry organizations and is a co-founder of the Appalachian Center for Poets and Writers. Her latest book, A Welcome Shore, is a sequel to her earlier collection of prose meditations, Sketches of Home. She has also published two volumes of poetry, What a Light Thing, This Stone and Weather of the House, in addition to a poetry textbook, The Roar on the Other Side. Her work has been featured in journals from Georgia to Alaska, and been nominated for a Pushcart Poetry Prize and the Library of Virginia Prize. Besides her literary activities, she works full-time as the director of public affairs for a charitable organization, Mercy Medical Airlift. Suzanne and her husband, Wayne, a professional photographer, have five grown children. More on Suzanne and her work may be found here.

  • Banding

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    Banding | Suzanne Rhodes

    To watch birds being banded is, for me, to step inside an extraordinary space I recognize as being both an artist’s studio and a scientist’s lab occupied by God the Creato... Read More >