Then and Now: Evolution of the BioLogos Website

On May 03, 2019

    • 2009

      In 2009, BioLogos was hosted by beliefnet under the column, “Science and the Sacred.”




    • 2010-2011

      BioLogos launched under the domain, expanding its resource offering under “The BioLogos Forum,” invoking the exchange of ideas, questions, and answers between Dr. Francis Collins and others that helped to launch the organization.


    • 2012-2015

      In 2012, subtle visual changes were made to the site, but spoke to how BioLogos matured from dialogue around the issues of science and faith to an organization that offered many other resources, including program initiatives.


    • 2016-2018

      With a comprehensive set of common questions, hundreds of articles, videos, and more, and a rising interest in resources at the intersection of science and faith, we embarked on a journey in 2016 to better establish the BioLogos brand, but also serve up content in a dynamic, exciting way.

    • 2019-Present

      Enormous growth in traffic, along with always expanding programs and resources, led to the latest rendition of the BioLogos website. The new site serves webpages up to 80% faster than its predecessor, and a smart search engine assists users in finding what they need based on topic, reading level, author, and more.

    Before You Read ...

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    A new poll shows that for young adults in particular, belief in God is plummeting. From research, we know a primary driver behind a loss of faith among young people is the church’s rejection of science. To put it bluntly: Young people aren’t leaving the faith because of science, they’re leaving because they’ve been told to choose between science and God. That’s why BioLogos exists—to show that science and faith can work hand-in-hand. And although the challenge is clearly daunting, our work is having an impact!

    As a nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of grassroots donors like you to reach those who are being told, “It’s God or evolution!” or “It’s God or vaccines!” or “It’s God or science!” In this urgent moment, we need your help to continue to produce resources such as this.

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