Old-Earth or Evolutionary Creation? A New Book Shows Fruits of Multi-Year Dialogue

Published on July 5, 2017

“Old-Earth or Evolutionary Creation?” presents a dialogue between BioLogos and Reasons to Believe that includes eleven topics ranging from biblical interpretation and Adam and Eve, to the problem of evil and divine action, to genetics, fossil evidence, and the uniqueness of human beings. Here we share some excerpts that give an introductory glimpse of the rich dialogue that’s taking place.

The Problem with Trying to Read Science Out of Scripture

Biblical scholar John Walton defines “concordism” and explains why disagrees with this interpretive approach.

Where are Adam and Eve in the Story of Evolution? Four Possibilities

There are multiple models for understanding the biblical Adam and Eve that are consistent with what we know about the world today through science.

Genetic “Scars”: Compelling Evidence for Human Evolution

There are thousands of shared genetic “scars” between humans primates. The best explanation, by far, is evolution.

The Importance of Gracious Dialogue in the Origins Conversation

A Southern Baptist theologian reflects on “why” and “how” Christians should engage questions of faith and science.