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  • Mark Folta

    Public High School Biology Teacher, Lakota East High School, Liberty Township, OH
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    Mark Folta

    Today, I teach the theory of evolution fearlessly, thanks largely to the insights I have received from BioLogos and its community of scientist-believers. I was strongly influenced by ... Read More >

  • Pastor Shiao Chong

    Chaplain and Director of Leadership, Culture, and Christianity, A recognized student club at York University, Toronto, Canada
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    Pastor Shiao Chong

    The faith-versus-science dichotomy is very much alive at the campus I serve. Both Christian and non-Christian students are caught in this simplistic either-or framework, and I have fo... Read More >

  • Natasha Strande

    PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics, 2013, Post-doctoral fellow, University of North Carolina
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    Natasha Strande

    I was unsure how I would be able to reconcile my scientific views and newfound faith until I discovered BioLogos. These resources fueled my hunger to learn more about our Creator and ... Read More >

  • Michael Beidler

    Deputy Director of International Affairs at the Department of the Navy
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    Michael Beidler

    BioLogos had the ability to reach those who have struggled to reconcile science with their faith in Christ. Their ministry has grown exponentially over the last five years, bringing t... Read More >

  • Dean N. Smith

    Senior Pastor, The Highway Community
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    Dean N. Smith

    My involvement with BioLogos has transformed not only my understanding of origins but also brought me a fresh perspective to faith, science, and life. The people who have shaped the m... Read More >

  • Stephen Blake

    Filmmaker and President of Realm Entertainment
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    Stephen Blake

    BioLogos is one of the most important ministries in existence, because it so strongly and effectively addresses one of the most formidable crises the church faces today. As militant s... Read More >

  • Diane Sweeney

    Academy Biology Teacher, Punahou School, Honolulu, HI
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    Diane Sweeney

    My father was a chemical engineer and my uncle was a research chemist. Science was a common topic at the dinner table. We are all devoted Christians who loved to take hikes and visit ... Read More >

  • Pablo De Felipe

    PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain), Centre for Science and Faith, part of SEUT Faculty of Theology
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    Pablo De Felipe

    At a time when the internet is overcrowded with all sorts of information and misinformation on every topic and the origins issues are no exception, it is good to have the BioLogos web... Read More >

  • Jeff Hardin

    Chair of the Department of Zoology, University of Wisconsin, Board Member, BioLogos
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    Jeff Hardin

    By providing books, online resources, and digital media of high quality, BioLogos is an invaluable resource in my work with both Christian students and those investigating Christianit... Read More >

  • Mark D. Roberts

    Executive Director of Digital Media, Theological & Cultural Steward, Foundations for Laity Renewal
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    Mark D. Roberts

    As a parent, I am deeply grateful for the work of BioLogos and for its impact on my family. Not only have my son and daughter remained firm in their faith, but also they have been enc... Read More >

  • D. Robinson

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    D. Robinson

    I have stumbled across your website as I use the internet to search for different information in my studies. Seeing that your organization has a connection based on faith and science ... Read More >

  • Stephen Cloyd

    B.S. Zoology, M.A. Exegetical Theology, Adjunct Instructor of Biblical Hermeneutics and Biblical Ethics, Sangre de Cristo Seminary
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    Stephen Cloyd

    BioLogos is proving to be that one ‘necessary’ resource which affords me the opportunity to speak to those inconvenient hermeneutical issues which so often divides the chu... Read More >

  • Stephen L. Pelton

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    Stephen L. Pelton

    I am so grateful for men like Dr. Darrel Falk, Dr. Francis Collins, and to BioLogos for helping me fully appreciate the awesome creation of our God and to, I believe, accurately appre... Read More >

  • L.R.

    Genetics and Biology Professor, Texas
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    It is great to have an organization finally develop resources to address the issues between science and faith. I?teach genetics and developmental biology at a small state university i... Read More >

  • M.M.

    Croydon, U.K.
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    I just found your website and, finally, I seem to have found a bunch of Christians who can offer a faith-filled and rational view of how the Bible and science can be explored and stud... Read More >

  • B.M.

    Student, 2013-2014
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    I was born into a bad home, but was adopted by great Christians. They raised me to believe in God and the Bible, but it was difficult for me. I questioned the Bible and if God was rea... Read More >

  • J.S.

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    I just wanted to write and let you know how much I love you guys. Your commitment to truth truly bolsters my faith that I’m not the only one out there. So thanks so much for thi... Read More >