The following projects were supported by the BioLogos Evolution & Christian Faith grant three-year program. 

BioLogos does not necessarily endorse the views expressed by the project leaders or their institutions, nor do the project leaders or their institutions necessarily endorse the views expressed by BioLogos.

La Evolucion de Dios / God's Evolution

Fundación Federico Fliedner

Dr. Pablo de Felipe and Rev. Dr. Pedro Zamora

“La evolución de Dios/God’s evolution” is aimed at engaging, within the Hispanic world, key leadership involved in scientific, educational and religious areas, into a Reflection Process about scientific Evolution and Christian Theology.

Spain is culturally very active and influential in the Spanish-speaking world, being tied up to both, Europe and Latin America. Unfortunately, the Spanish and LAn Evangelical and theological scenarios remain isolated from cultural developments in other contexts on science and faith issues. Therefore, La evolución de Dios aims to break through this isolation by means of actions that establish an ongoing public debate (Outreaching) and an educational activity (Equipping) in the field of science and faith dialogue. Public debate will be carried out at all levels, academic and non-academic, and the educational activity will convey formal training on the topic of science and faith, focusing on the Christian view of Cosmology and Evolution. We expect that public debates foster a significant number of people to get enrolled in short or long-term training programs.

On this double strategy, La evolución de Dios is designed:

  1. To provide theologically and scientifically sound information about Creation and Evolution, enhancing the cultural and social relevance of this topic.
  2. To offer specific materials, such as books, and training programs addressed to Evangelical leaders, scientists and communities at large, as well as to non-Evangelical scholars and public in general interested in the Science and Faith Dialogue.

We expect that these two lines of action could mark a turning point in church and society.


H-A-R-M-O-N-Y: Showing Harmony Between Modern Science and Christianity to the French Speaking Church and Media

Association "Science et Foi Chrétienne"

Mr. Benoît Hébert

A very recent Survey (July 2012) shows that 63% of the French people don’t believe that God created the universe, and only 9% believe without doubts that God created it. The situation is not very different in most of French Speaking developed countries.

At the same time, many French speaking evangelical pastors and Christians are hostile to the idea that God created life and humanity through an evolutionary process.

Our love for truth urges us to contribute to change this situation. If we want the gospel to spread in countries where biological evolution is taught as early as primary school, we absolutely need to communicate to non Christian people that Christianity is not the enemy of modern science. We intend to make the French speaking church benefit from all the scientific and theological progress that has been made about origins.

That’s why we have gathered an international, multi denominational, multidisciplinary team of five French speaking Evangelical scientists, pastors and church leaders already active in the field. We intend to improve the work we have already begun by making our website ( and blog ( more attractive and visible, by publishing books, recording videos.

Since its very beginning, we have been sharing the same vision and purposes as The BioLogos Foundation. Instead of surrendering science in the hands of atheism, it is time for the French speaking church to realize that scientific discoveries glorify our almighty Creator, and enable us to know Him and His Word better.


Seeing Evolutionary Creation as a Viable Evangelical Perspective: Seventy Years of ASA Resources

American Scientific Affiliation

Ms. Emily Ruppel and Dr. Terry Gray

The American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) was founded in 1941 with the mission of researching and disseminating information on pertinent issues of science and Christian faith. Its focus is on fostering civil dialogue among Christians with differing perspectives.

The most controversial debates ASA has hosted have been on the topic of evolutionary creation. As one of the oldest and largest groups of Christians in science worldwide, the annals of ASA document how this large body of Christians from differing perspectives has moved from hesitation about evolution science to widespread acceptance of evolution as God's process in the natural world.

With this project, "Seeing Evolutionary Creation as a Viable Evangelical Perspective," we will research, identify, index (tag), and make available on the internet those videos, audio files, and papers that best help demonstrate the viability of evolution as a Christian worldview. Once part of the mainstream media and promoted through appropriate avenues, we believe they will be a valuable demonstration for the current generation of evangelicals struggling with these ideas.

ASA is in a unique position to proffer these resources to evangelicals in a non-threatening way due to our officially neutral stance on matters of how mainstream science informs the Christian perspective. 


From Babel to Understanding: Towards a Fruitful Debate on Evolutionary Creation in the Netherlands


Mr. Cors Visser

In the Christian community in the Netherlands the atmosphere around the issue of creation and evolution has been tense over the last ten, twenty years. Many discussions were ‘cold-hearted and hot-headed’. By promoting a balanced debate, as ForumC already did in the last few years, and by showing the strength of the concept of evolutionary creation, we aspire to give Christians a deeper understanding of creation and also to reach out more effectively to the non-Christian world.

We will try to achieve this deeper understanding by organizing a closed three day conference with pastors, theologians and scientists and by developing materials on how to organize meetings about this theme within Christian organizations and youth groups. There will also be a spin-off public meeting with several participants of the closed meeting with an audience of about 100 pastors.

Several op-eds will be written for secular newspapers about why the concept of evolution is different from an evolutionist worldview. Our faith-and-science website will be an important platform for publishing op-eds and stimulating discussions both within and outside the Christian community.

Our experience is that a combination of the different activities promotes discussion and encourages a more nuanced engagement with the controversies both within and without the Christian community.

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