Why the Origins Debate Matters for the Church with Joel Hunter

Why the Origins Debate Matters for the Church
Conversation with: Joel Hunter

In this video Conversation, Joel Hunter articulates the importance of raising a child that can garner knowledge from a variety of sources and to be able to study science with integrity—that is, to be able to pursue the truth to where it leads. Hunter alludes to the danger of letting one’s intellectual inquiry of science be governed by fear instead of by faith that one will ultimately be led to our Creator.

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Video Transcription

Well, first of all, if you really want to pour into the lives of your children, you want to build a child that can learn from everywhere in the world. You want them to be able to face issues that are difficult. You want them to have integrity when they study science. To be able to see the truth for what it really is. To be able to pursue the truth where it leads because we happen to believe that truth is a person. I am the way, the truth and the life. We believe the truth will ultimately lead to Jesus. So you want to raise kids that aren't afraid.

When you talk about origins which begets, what does the science say? Another thing that you are talking about is if we operate the world according to how it's really arranged. For example, I'm big into caring for creation because I believe that the mandate for creation care Genesis 2:15 "cultivate the garden and keep it" has never been rescinded. It didn't have an expiration date.

I believe that when we do that we will touch on so many of these other issues. We will be caring for the vulnerable, which we are also commanded to do. We will be saving money, which is great stewardship. We will be not polluting, and therefore, one of the boards I work on is the Children's Environmental Health Network. We actually harm the health of children when we don't pay attention to how we're caring for the earth. The scientists and the doctors in that organization are literally saving the lives of children because we are addressing the causes of disease. It's important that Christians be good at science in order to carry out the moral mandates that we've been given by God.

John. R. W. Stott, Understanding the Bible

What may we say about the ‘how’ of God’s creative activity. Not many Christians today find it necessary to defend the concept of a literal six-day creation, for the text does not demand it, and scientific discovery appears to contradict it.  The biblical text presents itself not as a scientific treatise but as a highly stylized literary statement (deliberately framed in three pairs, the fourth “day” corresponding to the first, the fifth to the second, and the sixth to the third).  Moreover, the geological evidence for a gradual development over thousands of millions of years seems conclusive. …“ “It is most unfortunate that some who debate this issue (evolution) begin by assuming that the words “creation” and “evolution” are mutually exclusive.

- John. R. W. Stott, Understanding the Bible
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