Framing the Debate

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The scientific method is neither theistic nor atheistic. See why in this video.

In this From the Dust clip, Nancey Murphy, Alister McGrath, Ard Louis, and several others discuss the aversion that many churches have to the idea of evolution. As the video explains, this ungrounded fear of the “e word” stems from a misunderstanding of what science is and how it relates to religion.

Tim O'Connor, Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University

BioLogos has built an impressive and still-growing network of small-“o” orthodox Christians from the sciences, arts & humanities, theology, biblical studies, and pastoral ministry. What unites us is a shared passion for persuading all faithful Christians to see the consensus results of the sciences not as part of some rival worldview but as a divinely-blessed means to deepen our understanding of God’s creation.

- Tim O'Connor, Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University
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