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How God is Revealed in Creation with Daniel Harrell

How God is Revealed in Creation
Conversation with: Daniel Harrell

In this video, pastor Daniel Harrell looks at how we can worship God by understanding the world around us as revelations of God’s nature. Harrell notes that, to him, faith must correspond to how things are, not merely how we wish they could be. Thus, exploring nature can be seen as a way to also explore our faith.

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Video Transcription

It more goes back to revelation. I mean, for me personally, it's very important that my faith correspond to the way things actually are, and not just to the way I wish they were. And so back from the first pages of scripture itself, there is this acknowledgment that nature reveals God. I mean, it's enough, according to Paul, that revelation is enough to condemn you. It's enough to elicit worship and joy.

So this idea that God demonstrates and shows himself through creation is very, very old indeed, and I think what you have with theistic evolution is hopefully an ability to take these observations of science, of "this is what the world is like", and then to understand them as manifestations of God's character, which is what theologians and thinking Christians have been doing with every discovery of the natural world since the beginning, to look into the sky and see the stars.

How is that a manifestation of God? Only now we can look through microscopes, we can look through telescopes, we can do computational models of DNA, same stuff that's always been there. We're not finding new stuff. It's the same stuff. We've just never seen it before. But now that we see it, how is it like, of old, a similar manifestation of God's character?