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Religion & Science: Pathways to Truth with Dr. Francis Collins

Dr. Collins shares his personal journey from atheism to a Christian faith that embraces scientific discovery. (35 mins)

What Is BioLogos?

The BioLogos website contains lots of fantastic resources, but we know they’re not always easy for the casual web surfer to find. And especially for people new to the Christianity and evolution discussion, we’ve recognized that there needs to be an easier way to wade into the sometimes treacherous waters. So we’ve embarked on a project of creating a series of short, snappy videos that will introduce a topic and then provide links to further resources on our site that are appropriate next steps.

Videos from Evolution and Christian Faith

Overwhelmingly, science is confirming the truth of evolution. It's not a conspiracy-evolution is real. But does evolution push God out of the picture? BioLogos doesn't think so. If the God of the Bible is real, than all creation is his. He's not surprised by what science discovers. Yet evolution raises some tough questions about God and the Bible. Can we find a path to harmony? Many say no. BioLogos says yes. Join BioLogos on a video journey exploring how the conversation about evolution and Christian faith plays out in churches, schools, and universities across the world. Videos feature top Christian thinkers like Scot McKnight and John Walton weighing in on the big questions.

BioLogos Commercials

These commercials were produced by Ryan Pettey of Satellite Pictures and feature BioLogos Senior Scholar Jeff Schloss, philosopher Alister McGrath, and theologian NT Wright. They're a great introduction to our work here at BioLogos.

From The Dust

In these clips from From the Dust, a feature-length documentary film from Highway Media and The BioLogos Foundation, renowned theologians, educators, and scientists reexamine the perennial debate over evolution, and infuse it with fresh theories, new theological insights, and an open desire for truth and dialogue. (More)

From Satellite Pictures

Produced by Ryan Pettey, director/editor of Satellite Pictures and the film From the Dust, these extra clips present interviews with theologians, scientists, and scholars about science, Christian faith, and the Bible. (More)


Recorded during our first two Theology of Celebration workshops in New York City, the Conversations series features pastors, scientists, scholars, and theologians responding to a variety of key questions about science and Christian faith. (More)


Produced by Loretta Cooper, a former ABC correspondent, the five short videos in our Distinctions series look to clarify some of the important scientific questions at the heart of the science and faith dialogue.