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Beginning with the End in Mind

In today's video, Oxford physicist Ard Louis discusses the famous debate between renowned evolutionary biologists Stephen Jay Gould and Simon Conway Morris over the idea of evolutionary convergence.


Bad Science and Weak Theology?

Many scientists feel that the ID movement is an attempt to locate gaps in our scientific knowledge and then to presume those gaps can only be filled by intervention of an external intelligence. It is important to note that ID leaders do not view their work this way.


Distinctions, Part 2: "God as a Scientific Theory?"

Over the past two decades, the intelligent design movement has been working diligently to offer a parallel version of modern science, one that can scientifically show God at work in creation.


America’s Culture Wars: A Different Perspective

In this video Conversation, Rev. N.T. Wright responds to the controversy in evangelicalism about evolution. Is this a “culture war” issue?


Fine-Tuning: A Deeper Story?

In this video, five notable scientists (John Polkinghorne, David Wilkinson, Rodney Holder, Peter Williams and Graham Swinerd) offer their perspective on the strengths and limitations of the fine-tuning argument as a pointer to God.


Ard Louis on Intelligent Design

In this short video, physicist Ard Louis expresses some doubts about Intelligent Design, noting that his primary resistance to the movement is based on theological grounds rather than science.


Series: Reducing Irreducible Complexity (3 entries)

In this series, Darrel Falk and Ard Louis carefully examine the idea that certain biological structures are irreducibly complex—an idea put forth by scientists such as Michael Behe and Michael Denton. After providing a brief background on Behe and the beginnings of the Intelligent Design movement, Falk dives into Behe’s mouse trap model. He then reveals the scientific and theological problems associated with design inference. The series finishes with a discourse about the bacterial flagellum (another classic example of an irreducible structure). There is, Falk and Louis confirm, no sound reason on the basis of Christianity or science to assert that divine intervention was necessary at specific points in the unfolding creation process.


What Do You Mean When You Say "Evolution"?

In this video clip, Oxford University biophysicist, Ard Louis posits that one of the reasons Christians are hostile to evolution is that they latch onto a particular definition, which puts it in conflict with their theological convictions.

8 resources found