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The Top 20 Posts of 2014

From the Ham/Nye debate to "Gungor-gate" to a well-publicized dinner invitation, 2014 was an exciting year for our blog. Check out the 20 most popular posts of the year.


Merry Christmas from BioLogos

A Christmas message from BioLogos President Deborah Haarsma


Newton, Leibniz, and the Role of God in Planetary Orbits

In the early 1700s, Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz famously disagreed about whether God periodically "corrected" the orbits of the planets. Why their disagreement matters for today's debates about God and evolution.


God the Cosmic Gardener

I began to imagine God taking delight in watching the universe slowly unfold and grow, much like my wife and I delight in the slow transformation of seeds into a bountiful harvest.


Saturday Science Links: December 20, 2014

Science is helping us "see" deeper and further into God's creation than ever before.


From the Archives: Speciation and Macroevolution

A common challenge to evolutionary theory is that while life does indeed change over time (what is known as microevolution), no one has ever seen one species evolve into another species (macroevolution).


Series: Evolution and Original Sin by Robin Collins (3 entries)


How Science Almost Ruined My Faith

If I studied science, allowed my intellect to thrive, and continued the pursuit of understanding how things work, I was convinced that I would be condemning my soul and forsaking my faith.


Should Christians Trust Scientific Experts?

Because reliance upon experts cannot be eliminated, the central question for Christians today is not “should I believe scientific experts?” but “which scientific experts should I believe?”


What Does it Mean to be “Pro-Science”? (and Why it Matters for Space Exploration)

Evangelicals are skeptical of space exploration—but can pastors change this from the pulpit?


Saturday Science Links: December 13, 2014

Many of this week's biggest Science stories focus on the power, mystery, and potential of water—both on Earth and beyond.


Series: Adam, Eve, and Human Population Genetics (3 entries)


The Aroma of the Knowledge of God: How the Sense of Smell Inspires Worship and Awe

I’ve always thought of the sense of smell as a more intimate sense than most other senses. For in smelling, the thing that we smell becomes almost a part of us.


From the Archives: Universe and Multiverse, Part 2

Over the last few thousand years, the human perception of physical reality has gone through several stages. Each shift has illuminated a larger, grander creation, and for Christians, each advance should signify a fuller representation of God’s eternal power.


Series: Evolution and Christian Faith Around the World (3 entries)


Saturday Science Links: December 6, 2014

Many of this week's science links happen at the wondrous intersection of mystery and discovery.


A Seat at the Table: BioLogos at Evangelical Theological Society 2014

Our time at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society showed that there is a hunger to a better conversation about science and evangelical Christianity.


The Recipe For Creationism

How does social context affect what Americans believe about science and religion, especially in regards to human origins? A new BioLogos-funded survey reveals the factors influencing the beliefs.


The End of the World—an Advent homily by John Polkinghorne

If Christmas is about love, Advent is about hope. In this column, John Polkinghorne reminds us of the joyous fact that the Christian God is a God of hope—a hope that transcends this world, a hope that goes beyond what science alone can tell us about the end of the world.


Happy Thanksgiving from BioLogos!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers and followers!

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993 resources found (displaying 1-20)
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