BioLogos Book Club: “Origins”

Origins by Deborah and Loren Haarsma

Beginning Fall 2014

The next BioLogos Book Club session will begin Fall 2014. The book club will focus on the book Origins: Christian Perspectives on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design by Deborah and Loren Haarsma. This book explores what God's Word and God's world teaches us about creation, evolution, and intelligent design. It provides a deeper understanding of origins of the universe and helps you sort out your own views on faith and science. Small group discussions questions follow each chapter and we will be providing links to interesting supplements and an online forum for discussion. More details to follow.

This book club will also follow the six-session video companion which are available for purchase through Faith Alive Christian Resources. The Origins website also features all six sessions to view for free online.

We look forward to hearing from all corners of the BioLogos community! Please contact us with any questions you have by emailing

How to start a book club

  1. Begin by inviting people

    – start with 3 friends who are all devoted readers and ask them to invite 1, 2, or 3 others, also devoted readers. It's not important to know everyone at first but after a couple of meetings, you will know each other and you can grow the club at your own pace (or not). Typically a book club with 8-16 members are best; big enough for a discussion but not too big to make the discussion unwieldy.
  2. Decide on a meeting schedule and location

    – When we post our schedule online, this will assist you in deciding how often you want to meet. Most clubs meet during the week: mid-morning, lunchtime, dinner, or early evening. You can decide the location with your immediate group of friends, possibly your church, a near-by cafe, or someone's home. We also recommend to send out meeting reminders and possibly giving yourself a name. A name makes people feel like they are really a part of something big.
  3. Keep journal and memories

    – Keep a club journal - a scrapbook or 3-ring binder - to keep track of the book selections, discussion highlights, and members' opinions. It's especially helpful to bring new members up to speed. And if you think about it - take some photos of your group and send them to Your photo would be a great addition to the BioLogos Book Club page and would be a great encouragement to others to join in the conversation.
  4. Join the larger BioLogos community

    – During your book club sessions be sure to log in to the BioLogos Book Club Forum (forthcoming) where you can a part of the conversation with others across the country. Learn from what others have to say and possibly spin a new conversation based on feedback and comments.