BioLogos Book Club

Attention campus ministries, Sunday school classes, and small groups:

Our study of The Language of God is underway! Many of you have already downloaded the discussion questions and there’s still time to join us as the BioLogos community gathers to dialogue about the best-selling book that helped launch the organization. Along with discussion questions, we are also providing links to interesting supplements and an online forum for discussion.

The online discussion will run every other Friday beginning January 24, through the BioLogos Daily Blog. Dr. Jim Stump, content manager for BioLogos, will be writing exclusively about what he’s been reading, giving you an opportunity to express your ideas or questions, see what others are saying, and be part of the conversation. Plan now to drop in on the discussion.

We look forward to hearing from all corners of the BioLogos community! Contact us with any questions you have and share any passages from the book that are especially meaningful to you. Email:

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“After reading about the Language of God book club initiative, I decided to lead a small group/book club discussion of the book my church beginning in a couple of weeks. Last spring I taught a science and faith class at church using the From the Dust and Test of Faith video resources and I look forward to continuing the discussion with this book. It is a book that I know well - I have my students at the University of Northwestern - St. Paul reading it since it was published - probably adding up to about 200 students - both biology majors and non-majors. I have downloaded the discussion questions already, and I look forward to participating in the online forums and webinar. BioLogos is a tremendous resource for myself and for those I mentor - thanks for all you do!”

Joanna Klein, PhD.
Associate Professor of Biology
Department of Biology and Biochemistry
University of Northwestern — St. Paul, MN