Wrestling with Science and Faith?

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Available for viewing online, this 4-part high school ministry course was developed by and features members of Grace Chapel in Massachusetts and includes 40-50 minute talks on: “Are Atheism and Young Earth Creationism the Only Options?”, “Theological Perspectives on How to Read Genesis”, “Astronomy, Geology, and Christian Faith”, and “Biology and Christian Faith.”

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John Stott, Pastor, Theologian, and Author
“It is most unfortunate that some who debate [evolution] begin by assuming that the words ‘creation’ and ‘evolution’ are mutually exclusive. If everything has come into existence through evolution, they say, then biblical creation has been disproved, whereas if God has created all things, then evolution must be false. It is, rather, this naïve alternative which is false. It presupposes a very narrow definition of the two terms, both of which in fact have a wide range of meanings, and both of which are being freshly discussed today.” -from Understanding the Bible 


- John Stott, Pastor, Theologian, and Author
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