Wrestling with Science and Faith?

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Available for viewing online, this 4-part high school ministry course was developed by and features members of Grace Chapel in Massachusetts and includes 40-50 minute talks on: “Are Atheism and Young Earth Creationism the Only Options?”, “Theological Perspectives on How to Read Genesis”, “Astronomy, Geology, and Christian Faith”, and “Biology and Christian Faith.”

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Tim O'Connor, Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University

BioLogos has built an impressive and still-growing network of small-“o” orthodox Christians from the sciences, arts & humanities, theology, biblical studies, and pastoral ministry. What unites us is a shared passion for persuading all faithful Christians to see the consensus results of the sciences not as part of some rival worldview but as a divinely-blessed means to deepen our understanding of God’s creation.

- Tim O'Connor, Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University
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