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This 7 part video series is aimed directly at Christian young people who are asking how their faith goes with what they are learning in science class. Includes discussion materials, activity ideas, and a leader’s guide. See this article in which one of the series’ creators, Josh Hyashi, recounts his experience sharing about this resource at the National Youth Workers Convention in 2013 and this post in which he shares about the importance of relationships when discussing origins. Co-creator, Diane Sweeney, describes the video’s impact on one high school student in this post: A Church Kid Learns to Integrate Theology and Biology.

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Daniel Harrell, Senior Minister, Colonial Church, Edina, MN

Science is often misused to dismiss and discredit Christian faith. BioLogos elevates science and faith together thus allowing wonder and humility to displace cynicism and arrogance.

- Daniel Harrell, Senior Minister, Colonial Church, Edina, MN
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