Test of Faith

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These science and faith materials were developed at The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in the UK by Christian biologist Ruth Bancewicz (who also serves on the BioLogos Advisory Council). A high-quality full length Test of Faith video was produced, as well as many supplemental video and printed resources, including ones specifically meant for youth. Several interview clips are available online with world-class scientists who are also Christians, like biologist Francis Collins, astronomer Jennifer Wiseman, and more. The discussion is broader than the topics of creation and evolution and addresses the challenges of holding to faith in the midst of a secular/naturalistic culture.

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Os Guinness, Author and Social Critic

A wise, constructive rapprochement between faith and science is one of the world’s urgent needs, and this need will only intensify as the global era raises a host of new ethical issues. Few people have the expertise, wisdom, and prestige to make such a contribution. I welcome BioLogos warmly.

- Os Guinness, Author and Social Critic
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