Science for Youth Ministry

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This new 3-year initiative led by Andy Root, Chair of Youth and Family Ministry at Luther Seminary, hopes to provide new resources to support conversations in science and faith among Protestant youth ministries. The project includes creation of videos, writing symposia, and grants targeted to educators at undergraduate institutions and seminaries. Dr. Root recently wrote about the need for new approaches to science and faith in the July/August 2015 issue of the YouthWorker magazine.

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Harvey Clemons Jr., Reverend at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

The amazing planet on which we live and the vast world we seek to understand as people of faith compels us to search for the majesty of our Creator and His Creation. I am humbled and honored to journey with BioLogos as it creates a safe atmosphere to pursue probing and intellectual conversations while holding to our faith and confidence in God the Creator, Christ the Savior and His guiding Spirit.

- Harvey Clemons Jr., Reverend at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
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