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What do Biblical scholars today say about Genesis 1-2?

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In a Nutshell

In recent decades, evangelical Biblical scholars have reconsidered non-literal interpretations of Genesis.  The Accommodation view of St. Augustine and John Calvin is supported by recent discoveries about ancient cultures.  Literature from these cultures shows interesting parallels and differences with Genesis accounts.  The differences are striking, such as stories where creation is a battle among many gods rather than the acts of one sovereign Creator.  The similarities, however, show how God accommodated his message so that the Israelites could understand it.  For example, the Egyptians and Babylonians thought the sky was a solid dome.  This solid dome appears in Genesis 1 as the firmament created on day 2.  God did not try to correct the “science” of the Israelites by explaining that the sky was a gaseous atmosphere.  Instead, God accommodated his message to their cultural context.  Many evangelical Biblical scholars have concluded that Genesis is not meant to teach scientific information.

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In Detail

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