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October 2012
The Conversation: Where Science and Faith Meet
Bio and Logos: Two Islands or One Bridge?
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Video Testimony: David Buller
Can Science Ever Know Enough?
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Infographic: History of Science & Christianity   Free DVD Offer   Videocast: Genesis Through Ancient Eyes

Ask a person on the street for an opinion about science and religion, and you are likely to hear something about a confrontation, or perhaps a reference to Galileo’s trial for heresy by the Roman Inquisition in 1633.


Where do we come from? Does the Bible provide answers about our beginnings? What is the real source of the controversy surrounding evolution versus creation?


One of the highlights of our October President’s Circle meeting was a special talk given by Dr. John Walton, author of The Lost World of Genesis One and a leading thinker in the modern dialogue about Genesis and origins, titled “Genesis Through Ancient Eyes.”

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