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Opportunity Profile: President of The BioLogos Foundation

BioLogos President Dr. Darrel Falk recently announced his intention to step down from his role on December 31, 2012. Dr. Falk served tirelessly as president during the crucial start-up phase of the BioLogos launch. During his tenure, The BioLogos Foundation grew from a creative idea first proposed by Dr. Francis Collins to a viable organization committed to bridging the unfortunate gap that has grown between the historic Christian faith and the findings of science, especially on questions of creation and origins.

Because of the work of Dr. Falk and his able staff, BioLogos is poised to rise to a new level of leadership in the important conversation about origins and the Christian faith. Through BioLogos, Christian scholars in the sciences, leading evangelical pastors, and world-class theologians are engaged in an effort to understand how the Christian faith and science both emanate from our Creator God.

The BioLogos Board has developed a position profile for the recruitment and appointment of our next chief executive officer. To suggest potential candidates for this important role, please send names, contact information and a brief statement of support to An appointment is anticipated by early January 2013.

Opportunity Profile

BioLogos is a community of evangelical Christians committed to exploring and celebrating the compatibility of evolutionary creation and biblical faith, guided by the truth that “all things hold together in Christ.” (Colossians 1:17) BioLogos values gracious dialogue with those who hold other views, and our ever-expanding conversation includes academic and other professionals in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, business, and medicine, but also theology, biblical studies, philosophy, history, literature, education, and the arts. We count pastors, entrepreneurs, poets, teachers, and students among our numbers, and we welcome men and women from all walks of life to join in this project of cultural and spiritual reconciliation.

Founded by Dr. Frances Collins, current Director of the National Institutes of Health and former head of the USA’s Human Genome Project, BioLogos is the leading think tank in the world committed to promoting honest dialogue between the world’s top scientists and theologians. It is guided by a Board of Directors chaired by Dr. R. Judson Carlberg, President Emeritus of Gordon College, a Christian liberal arts College located in Wenham, Ma.

BioLogos provides virtual and actual meeting places where the best Christian minds in the sciences, theology, biblical studies, philosophy, and other fields meet on topics of mutual interest for the good of the church. With a commitment to spirited and gracious dialogue and a confidence in the ultimate harmony between science and faith, we aim to help the church develop a worldview that embraces both of these complex but complementary ways of understanding the world and our place in it.

The Position

The President is the public face of BioLogos, embodying the organization’s vision and implementing it by working with the staff, leading evangelicals and scientists and the general public. This person will have deep-seated appreciation of the current gulf between modern science, especially evolution, and conservative evangelical Christianity and be able to successfully convey the need to rectify this situation.

A spirit of graciousness and genuine interest in the views of others who see things differently is important. Since the position requires a component of spiritual leadership, a commitment to a growing and meaningful personal relationship with Jesus Christ is essential.

Personal Attributes

Organizational Leadership

The President will grow the BioLogos team via an open and authentic leadership style. A key skill will be the ability to inspire key evangelical thought leaders and influencers to fruitfully engage with the BioLogos mission.

Intellectual Leadership

The President will demonstrate experience with intellectual engagement on questions of science and faith, balancing intellectual capital with a loving and cooperative spirit. A strong academic background and intellectual curiosity will assist the President in communicating with varied audiences on theological, philosophical, and scientific issues. A person with existing relationships within the worldwide BioLogos community is desirable.


The President will communicate the BioLogos narrative in a winsome and compelling manner that speaks to both the scientific enterprise and the evangelical mission. The President will also be able to teach and motivate others through public speaking and writing. The BioLogos leader will have good listening skills and be able to interact in ways that reduce tensions with those who disagree with the BioLogos mission.

Development and Entrepreneurship

The President will demonstrate a gift for fund-raising and establishing relationships with philanthropic foundations.

Key Activities

The following are regular ongoing activities of the President: managing both an on-site and a remote staff, overseeing fund-raising and grant-writing activities, enhancing our Internet presence, overseeing BioLogos events and teacher workshops, engaging key evangelical thought-leaders and representing BioLogos through writing and public speaking.

Personal Qualifications Sought in the Next Leader of BioLogos

  • Exhibits a strong personal faith relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Identifies with a local community of Christians.
  • Embraces a high view of Scripture.
  • Shows a love and respect for the church and its people.
  • Demonstrates high integrity and personal character.
  • Seeks and affirms truth.
  • Demonstrates self-knowledge of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses.
  • Synthesizes complex information.
  • Shows strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Understands the importance of a collegial and professional leadership presence.
  • Has ability to travel by commercial airlines and by automobile.
  • Models being a seasoned and mature leader.
  • Holds a PhD or its equivalent.

Other Pertinent Information

Since BioLogos relies heavily on the virtual world which technology enables, the future configuration of staffing is flexible, depending on function and need.

  • While the national offices of BioLogos are currently located in San Diego, CA., the Board of Directors will consider relocation to accommodate the vision and needs of the new President.
  • Several staff members currently live and work remotely across the country while others are drawn from the local San Diego area.
  • BioLogos has traditionally used consultants for specific tasks related to Web design, fund-raising strategy development, and public relations.
  • Funding for BioLogos is drawn primarily from foundations, major donors, and individuals who are committed to our mission.
  • Reporting to the Board Chair and Board of Directors, the president oversees all aspects of the day-to-day operations of The BioLogos Foundation.

To nominate candidates or to indicate an interest in applying, please send resumes or contact information to