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From the Dust

Although the BioLogos website allows people to explore the evolutionary creation view in considerable depth—and hundreds of thousands of people have used it—the fact remains that there is a need for other ways of getting out the BioLogos message. And film is one of the most powerful ones!

Aquarius Theatre

On May 31, 2012, The Highway Community and BioLogos sponsored the premiere of the documentary From the Dust at the Aquarius Theatre in Palo Alto, California. The house was packed and the excitement level high as the one-hour documentary by filmmaker Ryan Pettey was shown publically for the first time. The film features people like N. T. Wright, Nancey Murphy, John Polkinghorne, John Walton, and Ard Louis, to name just a few. It also weaves in the engaging stories of two biology professors at Christian colleges as they help their students grapple with the evolutionary data in the context of their conservative Christian faith. The film was followed by a 30-minute discussion period with panel members Ryan Pettey, biblical scholar John Walton, biology professors Darrel Falk and April Maskiewicz, and Harvey Mudd College chemistry professor David Vosburg. Pastor Dean Smith of The Highway Community moderated the evening’s activities.

Aquarius Theatre

From left to right: Dean Smith and Ryan Pettey

This highly engaging film—with its accompanying set of discussion questions that can easily be adapted to church groups, youth discussions, and home Bible studies—is among the most important projects with which BioLogos has ever been associated. It can be shown in one sitting, or it can be broken up into four 15-minute sessions with plenty of time for discussion and accompanying reading assignments. To purchase the DVD, click here; to inquire about the possibility of obtaining material for leading a study group, contact us at

For more on the film, see this highly favorable review and the accompanying discussion on Jesus Creed, one of evangelicalism’s most popular blogs.