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I was inches away from giving up a life filled with Christ’s love because I couldn’t ignore the facts of evolution. I was becoming depressed because I felt like I had lived a lie and lost my best friend.

It was when I decided I couldn’t ignore the emptiness inside of me that I realized I hadn’t weighed all the options. Someone online recommended this website, and I began poring over everything. It was a breath of fresh air. I immediately ordered Darrel Falk’s book Coming to Peace with Science; not only is it helping me with my relationship with God, but I [now] have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Thanks to your staff and contributors, I am seeing the world more beautifully than ever before. God is so much bigger to me now, and I feel that much more important that he would take billions of years to craft and carve me.

So thank you. With all I have in me, thank you.

—T. D. from Canada