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BioLogos Staff Spotlight: Thomas Burnett

Thomas Burnett

Thomas Burnett, BioLogos’s new Associate Web Editor, is no stranger to the science and faith dialogue. As an undergraduate at Rice University, he studied ethics, evolutionary biology, and the history of modern philosophy. Thomas’s interest in intellectual history is intertwined with science, and he attended the University of California, Berkley, to pursue graduate studies in the history of science. His main interests include 19th century biology, modern philosophy, and the foundations of ethics.

In 2008, Thomas moved to Washington, DC, where he worked as a science writer for the American Scientific Affiliation, the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He officially joined the BioLogos team in March of 2012, and his role at BioLogos is two-fold. He edits the written works of authors and turns their manuscripts into blog series, and he also employs his expertise as a science writer by crafting unique essays each month. For an example of Thomas’s writing, be sure to read Creation? Which Creation?

When he’s not writing about science and faith, Thomas enjoys riding bikes with his wife Alyson, going to theater performances, and cooking with friends.