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Saturday Sermon Series

Saturday Sermon Series
Album cover from Gungor, “Beautiful Things” (top); Michael Gungor (bottom left); Richard Dahlstrom (bottom center); Tim Keller (bottom right)

Since its debut last May, the BioLogos Saturday Sermon series has played a vital role in the science and faith dialogue within the Christian community by featuring some of the most important voices in the discussion: our pastors. Each of these blogs contains an engaging audio clip from a featured sermon that highlights an insightful point in the message. The short clips are accompanied by a written summary that provides context to the audio, elaboration on the sermon, and a link to the entire sermon.

The topics of these pastoral messages range from an investigation of the opening chapters in Genesis, to a discussion of controversial Bible passages (such as Noah’s flood), to helpful observations and perspectives on the Bible in light of scientific ideas. These pastoral perspectives move beyond the basic facts outlined in the stories and draw out deeper theological truths that impact our understanding of God, the Bible, and humanity today. In seeking truth about God, the pastors provide a platform upon which believers can stand united—a very important part of any conversation about potentially divisive topics.

Highlights from the series include Richard Dahlstrom’s Gloriously Functional, Tim Keller’s In the Image of God, and musician/pastor Michael Gungor’s The Creation of Beauty. Dahlstrom explains how Genesis 1 reveals the functionality rather than the materiality of creation. Keller’s sermon looks at the implications of the image of God in humans (based on Genesis 1:26), such as our irreducible glory and significance, and our need to be filled by and reflective of another being—namely God. And Gungor engages the question: “Would God use an evolutionary process which involves death to create life?” His personal understanding of the paradox is quite insightful and freeing.