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Web Update

Resources Page

Since browsing our website is how most people connect with BioLogos (about 55% of our views each day are from first-time visitors), we want to make sure the site clearly reflects our values and remains a trusted resource of the science-faith dialogue. Because the site should also be easy to use, we’re in the process of making some changes to its look and content. You’ll see the following changes the next time you visit

  • As we create a space for charitable and vigorous conversation on complicated issues, we welcome essays and comments from people from many different perspectives—including those who hold views we do not share. We wanted to make it clear to our visitors when they’re taking part in that free exchange of ideas and when they’re hearing or reading about perspectives that the BioLogos leadership fully endorses. So the first change you might notice is that the title “BioLogos Forum” now appears only on our daily blog page, while the rest of the site displays “BioLogos.” The background behind the Forum will also have a distinctive look. When you see the “BioLogos Forum” header, expect an exchange of views; when you see “BioLogos,” know you’ll be getting what we consider to be the core of the BioLogos view.
  • We’ve also changed the “About Us” section to “Our Beliefs.” It gives a clearer account of who we are, what we believe, and what we do.
  • Another change our visitors will notice is the reformatted and newly revised “The Questions” section. Now readers can easily find both short and long responses to the common and still essential questions that launched BioLogos under Dr. Francis Collins.
  • Our “Resources” page is also being updated. Its reformatting will allow for more intuitive searching. We’re in the process of creating dedicated pages to help students, teachers, pastors, and scholars find resources from the multitude of offerings from BioLogos online.

We invite you to visit our website and check out these updates as we make it an even more welcoming place to begin (or continue) your exploration of God’s Word and God’s world.