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On a daily basis, receives questions on the issues of science and faith from people all over the world. We never approach a question as a battle—as if it’s “us against them.” In every answer, we hope to encourage both the writer and the readers of the dialogue to prayerfully seek the Lord’s guidance. Check out this question we recently received:

Hi, I was wondering how the fossil record corresponds with the book of Genesis. At the moment I’m looking at both the Bible and the fossil record, and they appear to contradict. Does that mean that Genesis is a faulty account of the origins of life? Because it appears that Scripture and nature are contradicting each other.

Thanks for writing! Many have struggled with the same sorts of concerns you’ve raised. We at BioLogos don’t believe that the description in Genesis 1 is intended to be read as a journalistic account of how God created. Certainly it is historical in a sense (that is, God really did create), but it’s not literally true, as a simple unfiltered reading would suggest. That just wasn’t the concern of the author or his original audience. To answer your question, I recommend a poignant yet very readable book written by John Walton, an Old Testament scholar at Wheaton College, called The Lost World of Genesis One. In this book Walton draws out the ancient Near Eastern perspective, helping the reader understand the first chapter of Genesis more accurately. As for the fossil record, we have a number of resources available on our website. We especially encourage you to watch the podcast by BioLogos intern Kelsey Luoma. You might also browse the “Topics” page and see what looks most interesting!