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Connecting and Growing


At a recent conference, BioLogos President Darrel Falk and Kenneth Keathley, vice president of Academic Affairs at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, had an interesting conversation as they thought about similarities and differences between the views of Southern Baptist scholars and those associated with BioLogos. Since both men are thoroughly committed to having respectful—even loving—conversations that seek to clarify and edify, they set about to establish a public conversation. Dr. Keathley arranged for six colleagues at three different Southern Baptist seminaries to write papers on various topics. Those papers have now been received, and BioLogos is arranging for written responses to each paper. The first one—an overview of Southern Baptist concerns written by Dr. Keathley—has been posted, along with the BioLogos response. The paper and response are followed by a series of probing and engaging comments.

Although, BioLogos is firmly committed to the view that God has created through the evolutionary process, we deeply appreciate the opportunity to dialogue with others who think about the matter differently. This provides an opportunity for us to clarify our views and show how they are consistent with the tenets of a conservative Christian faith, even as others clarify their reasons for skepticism about the BioLogos perspective. We hope you will be challenged by this series and follow the subsequent posts in the coming months. We have commitments for additional responses from Jeff Schloss, distinguished professor of biology and director of the Center for Faith, Ethics & Life Sciences at Westmont College; Tim O’Connor, chair of the philosophy department at Indiana University; and Ard Louis, reader in theoretical physics at Oxford University. Each of these individuals serves on the BioLogos Board of Advisors.