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Wheaton College’s 2012 Science Symposium

Wheaton College
Wheaton College

BioLogos was well represented at Wheaton College’s 2012 Science Symposium, held March 28–29. This year’s topic was evolutionary theory and its implications for science and Christian belief.

President Darrel Falk spoke during a session on human origins alongside Fazale “Fuz” Rana of Reasons To Believe and C. John “Jack” Collins of Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. BioLogos Program Director Kathryn Applegate spoke about biological complexity and randomness in a session opposite Intelligent Design leader Michael Behe. Other BioLogos contributors presented as well: Jeff Schloss of Westmont College spoke on how a commitment to design informs science (rather than science proving design), while Robert Bishop of Wheaton College responded to Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga’s discussion of science and theology as ways of knowing.

This year’s symposium drew more than 500 attendees, many coming from outside Illinois. Sessions were held in the evenings, giving scholars the opportunity to visit with Wheaton students during the day. Falk and Applegate enjoyed attending a class taught by Dr. Kristen Page, Associate Professor of Biology at Wheaton. Students raised a wide range of theological and scientific questions. They also shared personal stories about how they’ve wrestled with integrating science into their Christian worldview. Said Dr. Page in a follow-up email, “The students continue to process things . . . We’ve been talking about randomness for about three class periods.” This is Christian liberal arts education in action!