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BioLogos President Speaks at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, Vanguard University, and Whitworth Presbyterian Church

The Faithful Science Symposium
Dr. Falk at The Faithful Science Symposium

The church as a whole is increasingly considering the evolutionary creation point of view as a viable option. As a result, the BioLogos leadership is accepting an increasing number of speaking engagements in churches and other venues. On March 11, Dr. Falk was the keynote speaker at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, one of the leading churches in Greater Los Angeles. His topic was “Evolution: Friend or Foe?” Dr. Falk’s talk along with responses from Dr. Mark Brewer, Senior Pastor of Bel Air Presbyterian Church; Rabbi Mark S. Diamond, Exec Vice President of the Board of Rabbis of Southern California; and Dr. Richard Mouw, President of Fuller Seminary may be seen here.

On April 4, Dr. Falk spoke before a group of faculty at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California. His topic was “Celebrating Creation: The Communication of Science Through a Wesleyan and Pentecostal Lens.” On April 13 and 14, he and NASA astronomer Dr. Jennifer Wiseman were the keynote speakers at “The Faithful Science Symposium” at Whitworth Presbyterian Church in Spokane, Washington. His talks were entitled “Evolution and Christian Faith: Why Does Reconciliation Seem so Difficult?” and “Evolution and Christian Faith: Peace at Last?” Dr. Wiseman spoke on “An Amazing Universe: Viewing the Cosmos Through Lenses of Science and Faith.” All talks were well attended, and each was followed by an extensive question and answer period.

Meetings of this type have been very well received. If your church or organization is interested in sponsoring a faith/science talk or symposium, please contact In the coming months, BioLogos will participate in events at Biola University; Reasons To Believe, Orange County Chapter; various churches; and a Christian school in Shanghai, China. In addition, our annual workshop for Christian school science teachers will take place in San Diego during the week of June 24, 2012.