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“Evolution and Christian Faith” Grantees Names

BioLogos has awarded 37 grants, ranging from $23,000 to $300,000, through the Evolution & Christian Faith (ECF) program. The goal of ECF is to address theological and philosophical questions commonly voiced by Christians about evolutionary creation. Scholars, church leaders, and para-church leaders were invited to apply.

Last June we received more than 225 applications. Eighty-six were chosen by the panel of judges to submit a more detailed proposal in October. The ECF panel met in Chicago from November 29-30 to make the final decisions. Grantees were notified of their awards in December.

Thirty award recipients are from the U.S. The seven international grantees hail from Canada, France, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. Next month, we will introduce the grant recipients and highlight a few of their impressive projects.

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