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Upcoming Events

This list includes events sponsored by BioLogos, events featuring BioLogos scholars, and other events that are of interest to the BioLogos community. A listing of past events is also available.

Investigating the Magnificent Universe

Jennifer Wiseman, BioLogos Board Member
May 31, 2015
Lincoln Park, NJ

On Sunday, May 31, BioLogos Board Member Jennifer Wiseman will be speaking at Jacksonville Chapel in Lincoln Park, NJ. Her talk is titled “Investigating the Magnificent Universe” and will be followed by a moderated discussion. Register here to attend.

Abstract: Modern telescopes are revealing an incredible universe, filled with the activity of planets, stars, galaxies, and even black holes. Should such a universe make us feel insignificant as human beings on one small planet? We will take a tour of some of the latest astronomical discoveries and fantastic images of the universe. We will then contemplate how exploration and scientific discovery can inspire humility, awe, curiosity, and reverence.

Creacion De Dios

Gregg Davidson and Joel Duff, ECF Recipient
June 4, 2015
Guatemala City, Guatemala

ECF recipients from Solid Rock Lectures, Gregg Davidson and Joel Duff will be speaking at the Creacion De Dios in Guatemala, on June 4-7, 2015. Their talk is titled “God’s Creation: From the Big Bang to Climate Change”.

During this four-day course, scholars from different disciplines, both scientific and theological will join together to celebrate and explore the seven days of God’s creation under the microscope of modern science. Different theological perspectives on the universe and the earth will be presented, taking into account established scientific knowledge from disciplines such as cosmology, biology and geology. The course will consist of lectures and discussion panels, with plenty of opportunity for questions and comments, all in a friendly atmosphere celebrating and pondering God’s creation.

2015 Grand Dialogue

Deborah Haarsma, President of BioLogos
June 13, 2015
Grand Rapids, MI

BioLogos President Deborah Haarsma will be one of the respondants to the plenary session by Turkish scholar Caner Taslaman at the 2015 Grand Dialogue. This event will be held at Grand Valley State University at the Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus. Registration is required to attend this event. There will be an additional breakout session with Deborah Haarsma and BioLogos Program Director Kathryn Applegate.

Glen Workshop: The Art of Science and Faith

Kathleen Housley, BioLogos Blog Author
June 14, 2015
South Hadley, MA

June 14-21, 2015, Glen Workshop will be hosting a lecture by Kathleen Housley. Housley has written a blog series for the BioLogos Daily Blog titled “Poetry, God, and the Natural World” and will be speaking about “The Art of Science and Faith”. This lecture is part of the ECF-funded grant project from Image about “Evolution and the Imago Dei: The Artist as Translator”.

In the domains of science and religion, the artist can be a powerful interpreter, helping people understand more deeply what it means to be created in the image of God. Besides speaking different dialects, science and religion also have different ways to discern truth: on one hand, the scientific method; on the other, reading the Bible and prayer. No matter their differences, science and religion thrive best when there is mutual respect. In this wide-ranging seminar, we will look at everything from Genesis and evolution to the Higgs Boson. Our guides will include artists (Leonardo da Vinci), musicians (Bach), scientists (Galileo), and theologians (John Polkinghorne). Our goal is not to reach agreement but to appreciate anew the vastness of God’s universe.

Society for Classical Learning

Deborah Haarsma, President of BioLogos
June 25, 2015
Stone Mountain, GA

BioLogos President Deborah Haarsma will be speaking on behalf of the Society for Classical Learning in Stone Mountain, GA, on June 25-27, 2015. Her talk is titled “Creation, Design, and Evolution”. The Society for Classical Learning is a professional society committed to promoting the cultural benefits of the classical, Christian traditions by providing leadership and support, opportunities for the exchange of ideas, and standards of excellence for educators and schools. Registration is required.

Evolution and Christian Faith 2015 Public Conference

BioLogos Staff, ECF Grantees, and Special Guests
June 30, 2015
Grand Rapids, MI

BioLogos will be hosting its first ever public conference. This Evolution and Christian Faith conference is geared for scholars, pastors, and teachers and will consist of learning, fellowship and worship. This event will be held at the Eberhard Center in Grand Rapids, MI, on June 30-July 2, 2015. We are pleased to announce an exciting lineup of plenary speakers including Ted Davis (Historian of Science at Messiah College), Ard Louis (Biophysicist at Oxford University), Jeff Schloss (BioLogos Senior Scholar and Biologist at Westmont College), Mary Schweitzer (Paleontologist at North Carolina State University), and John Walton (Old Testament Scholar at Wheaton College).

Registration for this conference will begin on February 20, 2015. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about the conference. Click here for more information on the conference including a CALL FOR PAPERS. Submissions need to be sent in by January 23, 2015.

ASA Annual Meeting 2015

Randy Isaac (BioLogos Advisory Council) and Amos Yong (BioLogos Advisory Council)
July 24, 2015
Tulsa, OK

Amos Yong will be speaking at the ASA 2015 Annual Meeting at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The ASA Annual Meeting is being held on July 24-27, 2015. “Hearing God’s Voice in Nature” will include various topical areas for parallel oral sessions. These areas include: Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Mind Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Christian Women in Science and Engineering, Design in Nature, Science Education, and Theology and Biblical Literature. There will be both introductory and advanced workshops on issues in science and faith.

Be sure to stop by the BioLogos booth and meet both BioLogos President Deborah Haarsma and Program Director Kathryn Applegate and receive additional papers and information on science and faith.

Click here to register.
Click here for more information about the meeting.

Ibero-American Meeting of Science and Faith

Pablo de Felipe and Pedro Zamora, ECF Recipients
September 30, 2015
Mexico City, Mexico

Starting Wednesday, September 30 through Friday, October 2, 2015, Pablo de Felipe and Pedro Zamora (Evolution and Christian Faith grant recipients) will be part of the Ibero-American Meeting of Science and Faith in Mexico City.

Ibero-America is a complicated socio-cultural context, in which research, education and dissemination about science and faith, in general is still not sufficiently recognized as a viable academic field, and even much less, considered as an important topic of discussion in our contemporary society. Academics will present their particular topics of research, and receive relevant feedback to improve the quality of their research. In addition to the plenary tracks, there will be extensive workshop sessions highlighting not only academics but also delegates from different Christian organizations interested in extending these issues to the wide non-academic public.

James Gregory Public Lectures on Science and Christianity

Jennifer Wiseman, Board of Directors
April 11, 2016
University of St. Andrew's in Scotland

Jennifer Wiseman will be presenting “Universe of Wonder, Universe of Life” for the Scientists in Congregations in Scotland who has a series of James Gregory Public Lectures on Science and Christianity. These lectures will bring in world-class scholars to the University of St. Andrews to present cutting edge perspectives on the relationship of faith and science. They will take place over a three year period from September 2013 - May 2016. The aim of these lectures is to encourage a constructive and open conversation about questions of science and faith.

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