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Upcoming Events

This list includes events sponsored by BioLogos, events featuring BioLogos scholars, and other events that are of interest to the BioLogos community. A listing of past events is also available.

“Being Human: God, Evolution, and the Moral Imperative”

Thomas Jay Oord (BioLogos Advisory Council) and Tim O'Connor (BioLogos Advisory Council)
January 28, 2015
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Being Human: God, Evolution and the Moral Imperative” will be the subject of discussion at a interdisciplinary studies conference in Edmonton, Alberta, CAN. This conference will take place on Thursday and Friday, January 28-29, 2015 and is being coordinated by ECF recipient Paul Allen for his project on Creatures of God: An Evangelical-Catholic Dialogue on Sin, Evolution, and Human Nature. Speakers at this symposium include Thomas Jay Oord (professor of theology and philosophy at Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho) and Tim O’Connor (professor of philosophy and chair of the department of philosophy at Indiana University). This conference will be held at The King’s University and will feature local faculty from Edmonton who are experts in the science-religion dialogue.

Inaugural lecture for the Upper House Foundation

John Walton, BioLogos Advisory Council
January 31, 2015
Madison, WI

On January 31, 2015, John Walton will be speaking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the Inaugural Lecture, Upper House Foundation. His talk is titled “Origins Today: Genesis Through Ancient Eyes.” The schedule for the lecture is:

1:00-1:15 Introduction
1:15-2:45 Genesis 1 and Cosmic Origins (including Hermeneutics)
2:45-3:00 break
3:00-4:00 Genesis 2 and Human Origins
4:00-4:30 Q&A

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Christian Perspectives in Science

Ralph Stearley, ECF Recipient
February 6, 2015
Grand Rapids, MI

On Friday, February 6, 2015, paleontologist Ralph Stearley will be presenting at the Christian Perspectives in Science seminar at Calvin College. This lecture will be held at 3:30 pm in the Science Building, room 110. The title of his talk is “The Rise of the Deluge Geology: Calvin Tossed by Waves.”

AAAS 2015 Annual Meeting

February 16, 2015
San Jose, CA

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) will be hosting its annual meeting in San Jose, CA, on February 12-16, 2015. “Innovations, Information, and Imaging” is the theme for the meeting located at the San Jose Convention Center. Science and technology are being transformed by new ways to collect and use information. Progress in all fields is increasingly driven by the ability to organize, visualize, and analyze data. Registration is required.

Jubilee Conference

Deborah Haarsma, President of BioLogos
February 20, 2015
Pittsburgh, PA

Deborah Haarsma will be speaking at The Jubilee Conference in Pittsburgh, PA starting on February 20. She will be speaking on:

Following Christ in Science and Technology
What does it mean to follow Christ while pursuing a career in science or technology? Does good science require setting aside your faith to be “neutral”? What do you do when the discoveries of science seem to conflict with the Bible? Can your career serve the mission of the church?  Come for a discussion of ways that science can be a truly Christian vocation.

Creation, Design, and Evolution
Can faith and science get along? When it comes to the history of life and the universe, many people think that science is in conflict with the Bible.  But what exactly is in conflict?  We’ll dig into the scientific evidence and ponder what the Bible is really teaching us, listening to both God’s world and God’s word.  Come for a review of several Christian views on creation and evolution, with plenty of time for Q&A.

“The Heavens Declare the Glory of God”

Deborah Haarsma, President of BioLogos
February 22, 2015
Pittsburgh, PA

On Sunday, February 22, 2015, Deborah Haarsma will be giving her personal testimony after the morning worship service at Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church in Pittsburgh, PA. She will be discussing her faith in Christ, how she came to Christ, and how she integrated her experience of God with astronomy and physics. There will be a one hour presentation along with a Q&A session after her testimony.

Light of the World: Uncovering the Unexpected through Science and Scripture

Kathryn Applegate, BioLogos Program Director
February 27, 2015
Grand Rapids, MI

BioLogos Program Director, Kathryn Applegate will be speaking at Calvin College on February 20, 2015 at 3:30 pm. The title of her talk is “Light of the World: Uncovering the Unexpected through Science and Scripture.”

Perceptions: Science and Religious Communities

Deborah Haarsma (President of BioLogos) and Jennifer Wiseman (BioLogos Board Member)
March 13, 2015
Washington D.C.

BioLogos board member and DoSER director Jennifer Wiseman along with William D. Phillips (Nobel Prize laureate), Katharine Hayhoe (climate scientist), and Leith Anderson (National Association of Evangelicals president) will be speaking at “Perceptions: Science & Religious Communities”. The conference will be held on March 13, 2015, and is sponsored by AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). It will bring together leaders in science and religion to further conversation and plan a course for future dialogue.

Deborah Haarsma will be on a panel discussing origins along with Dorothy Chapell (Dean of Natural and Social Science, Professor of Biology at Wheaton College), Ronald Numbers (Hilldale Professor of the History of Science and Medicine Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, Madison), and Rick Potts (Director of Human Origins Program and Curator of Anthropology, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History). This panel discussion is part of the “Challenges and Opportunities in Science Dialogue” track of the conference.

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Click here for more information about the Perceptions Project.

Re-Imagining the Intersection of Evolution and the Fall

The Colossian Forum, ECF Recipient
March 26, 2015
Evanston, IL

The Colossian Forum will be hosting a conference on “Re-Imagining the Intersection of Evolution and the Fall” on March 26-28, 2015. This conference will be held at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary near Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. This conference will feature multiple speakers including BioLogos Senior Advisor for Dialogue, Darrel Falk and Joel Green. Darrel Falk’s lecture will be on “Human Origins: A Summary of the Scientific Backdrop for Theological Discussion” and Joel Green will speak about “Reframing ‘Original Sin’: A Frontier for Theology and Science.”

Read more about this conference on The Colossian Forum’s website. This conference is part of the ECF grant from BioLogos. Register now for this event.

Evolution and Christian Faith 2015 Public Conference

BioLogos Staff, ECF Grantees, and Special Guests
June 30, 2015
Grand Rapids, MI

BioLogos will be hosting its first ever public conference. This Evolution and Christian Faith conference is geared for scholars, pastors, and teachers and will consist of learning, fellowship and worship. This event will be held at the Eberhard Center in Grand Rapids, MI, on June 30-July 2, 2015. We are pleased to announce an exciting lineup of plenary speakers including Ted Davis (Historian of Science at Messiah College), Ard Louis (Biophysicist at Oxford University), Jeff Schloss (BioLogos Senior Scholar and Biologist at Westmont College), Mary Schweitzer (Paleontologist at North Carolina State University), and John Walton (Old Testament Scholar at Wheaton College).

Registration for this conference will begin on February 20, 2015. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about the conference. Click here for more information on the conference including a CALL FOR PAPERS. Submissions need to be sent in by January 23, 2015.

ASA Annual Meeting 2015

Randy Isaac (BioLogos Advisory Council) and Amos Yong (BioLogos Advisory Council)
July 24, 2015
Tulsa, OK

Amos Yong will be speaking at the ASA 2015 Annual Meeting at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “Hearing God’s Voice in Nature” will include various topical areas for parallel oral sessions. These areas include: Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Mind Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Christian Women in Science and Engineering, Design in Nature, Science Education, and Theology and Biblical Literature. There will be both introductory and advanced workshops on issues in science and faith. Currently there is a call for papers. Click here for more information.

James Gregory Public Lectures on Science and Christianity

Jennifer Wiseman, Board of Directors
April 11, 2016
University of St. Andrew's in Scotland

Jennifer Wiseman will be presenting “Universe of Wonder, Universe of Life” for the Scientists in Congregations in Scotland who has a series of James Gregory Public Lectures on Science and Christianity. These lectures will bring in world-class scholars to the University of St. Andrews to present cutting edge perspectives on the relationship of faith and science. They will take place over a three year period from September 2013 - May 2016. The aim of these lectures is to encourage a constructive and open conversation about questions of science and faith.

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