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This list includes events sponsored by BioLogos, events featuring BioLogos scholars, and other events that are of interest to the BioLogos community. A listing of past events is also available.

ASA Annual Meeting

Jeff Schloss (Senior Scholar), Deborah Haarsma (President), Jim Stump (Content Manager)
July 25, 2014
Hamilton, Ontario

Jeff Schloss will be one of the plenary speakers at the ASA Annual Meeting at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. He will be speaking along with Megan Best, Alasdair Coles, Barth Netterfield, and Don Page. The discussions will focus on how the various scientific disciplines hold together with both scientific and theological integrity.

Also in attendance will be Deborah Haarsma and Jim Stump, who will be presenting “What Americans Think and Feel about Evolution.”

Forum Presentation on “Divine Hiddenness and Evolutionary Biology”

Dr. John T. Mullen, ECF Recipient
July 27, 2014
Lindsborg, KS

Dr. John T. Mullen will be speaking at a church in Kansas regarding his Evolution and Christian Faith project. His talk “Divine Hiddenness and Evolutionary Biology: Should We Expect God to Create Gradually?” will be at Bethany Lutheran Church on July 27 from 9:00-10:00 am.

A Science and Faith Course for Pastors

Craig Story and Justin Topp, ECF Recipients
July 28, 2014
Wenham, MA

ECF Recipents, Craig Story and Justin Topp, will be hosting a Science and Faith course at Gordon College in Massachusetts. This week long course will be held starting July 28 through August 2.

Our overarching goal is to provide the cohort of invited pastors with tools to approach issues of science and faith with greater confidence. This week-long course is a primary way we, the instructors, will engage in helpful dialog with pastors. We will learn through this process what materials, information and discussion questions are most useful for fostering greater understanding of key issues, and this will be used to further improve and develop the course itself and other materials for use by people of faith in other contexts. This year, the 20 participants in the course are from all over the US, Canada and include local pastors from Korea.

Associated with this course, there are three evening events open to the public:
Tuesday July 29: Dr. Ashley Zauderer (Title: “Transient Astronomy and Gamma Ray Bursts (in plain English) “
Wednesday July 30: Dr. David Ussery (Title: “A medical revolution from rapid DNA sequencing (in plain English)”. Dr Ussery is a leading expert on microbial bioinformatics)
Thursday July 31: Public showing of the documentary film “Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist”
These begin at 6:00 PM in the Gordon College Ken Olsen Science Center, Room 109.
Each of these public events will be followed by informal discussion of the talk and its relation to faith and science.

This is the first workshop funded by this grant. Approximately 20 pastors will be attending, from all over the US and Canada, and Korea.

Writer’s Retreat

Issachar Fund
August 1, 2014
Grand Rapids, MI

The Issachar Fund will be accepting applications from August 1-September 19 for individuals seeking to write. Any individual—a pastor, scholar, author, or graduate student—may apply to support research and writing in one of their areas of inquiry, which includes “Creation and the World of Science.”  The Writing Retreat includes travel reimbursement, a monthly stipend, and a furnished apartment in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Please visit their website to learn more and submit your application.

Open application beginning August 1, 2014.

Painting Workshop - The Glen Workshop

Linnea Spransy, ECF Recipient, IMAGE
August 3, 2014
Santa Fe, NM

As part of the ECF project IMAGE, Linnea Spransy will be conducting a week-long painting workshop called The Glen Workshop at St. John’s College. Participants will survey the work of artists who have attempted to synthesize or re-synthesize the arts and science - both of which are necessary to discern what is real. This workshop is a hands-on painting class.

The Randomness and Foreknowledge Conference

Thomas Jay Oord, Board of Advisors and professor at Northwest Nazarene University
October 23, 2014
Dallas, TX

Tom Oord is co-director and participant at The Randomness and Foreknowledge Conference in Dallas, TX. This 3-day conference will bring together philosophers and theologians to investigate the in/compatibility of ontological randomness and divine foreknowledge. The first day will focus on issues related to philosophy of science and apparent randomness in the universe. The second day will focus on systematic metaphysics and the possibility of ontological randomness. The last day will focus more specifically on the dilemma of freedom and foreknowledge and related issues in philosophy of religion and theology.

Conference on “The Bible, Evolution, and Human Origins”

Jeff Schloss, BioLogos Senior Scholar
October 25, 2014
Claremont, CA

Jeff Schloss will be presenting at a day-long conference at Harvey Mudd College in October. His talk is titled “Evolution, Christian Faith, and Human Origins”. More information will follow.

Herrman Lectures on Faith and Science

Denis Alexander, BioLogos Board of Advisors
November 5, 2014
Wenham, MA

Denis Alexander, Director for the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at St. Edmund’s College in Cambridge, will be speaking at the Herrman Lectures on Faith and Science at Gordon College on November 5-7. His lecture is titled “Is Life Going Anywhere?: Creation-Biology, Randomness and Purpose.”

“The Nature of Love”

Thomas Jay Oord, board of Advisors and professor at Northwest Nazarene University
November 14, 2014
Youngstown, OH

Tom Oord will be speaking on “The Nature of Love” at the CS Lewis Institute in Northeast Ohio.

“Science and Christian Scripture: Issues on Origins and Evolution”

Darrel Falk (Senior Advisor for Dialogue), John Walton and Thomas Jay Oord (BioLogos Board of Advisors)
November 21, 2014
San Diego, CA

Tom Oord will host a talk between Darrel Falk and John Walton. The talk is titled “Science and Christian Scripture: Issues of Origins and Evolution.” This event will be held on Friday evening and is jointly sponsored by Word Made Fresh and the International Society for Science and Religion. This talk is open to the public.

Annual American Academy of Religion Meeting

Thomas Jay Oord, board of Advisors and professor at Northwest Nazarene University
November 22, 2014
San Diego, CA

Tom Oord will be participating in two events during the annual American Academy of Religion meeting in San Diego, CA. On November 22 he will preside on “John B Cobb, Jr.: Work and Legacy” (sponsored by the Open and Relational Theologies, Liberal Theologies, Wesleyan Studies, and Religion and Ecology groups) and he will be a respondent on 20th anniversary of the book “The Openness of God.”

13th Annual Missions Conference

Jeff Schloss, BioLogos Senior Scholar
January 24, 2015
Santa Barbara, CA

Jeff Schloss will be presenting “Christian Faith and God’s Good Creation” at First Presbyterian Church in January. This talk is part of the 13th Annual Missions Conference. Follow their website for more information when it becomes available.

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