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Possible Topics

The number and diversity of possible topics for theoretical and practical scholarship is enormous. Below is a non-exhaustive list of topics that fall within the scope of the program:

Biblical Theology

  • Theology of Creation (creatio ex nihilo and creatio continua)
  • First humans / Adam and Eve
  • The Fall and original sin
  • The Fall and structure of nature
  • Use of the Genesis narrative in the Pauline corpus as it relates to human evolution
  • Nature of the Imago Dei
  • Human uniqueness (distinct from above)
  • Historicity of Genesis
  • Evolutionary accounts of sexuality and biblical sexual ethics
  • The theological implications of an ancient universe
  • Development of new interpretive frameworks and hermeneutical models

Philosophical Theology and Biology

  • Evolution and natural evil
  • Design arguments / natural theology
  • Trinitarian Theology and evolution
  • Divine purpose and evolutionary history
  • Divine action and evolutionary mechanisms
  • Evolution and eschatology
  • Evolution and love (e.g. parental attachment and conflict, social attachment, altruism)
  • Disentangling evolution from scientism/naturalism/materialism/reductionism
  • Evolution and epistemology
  • Evolutionary debunking arguments:
    • Evolution and moral realism
    • Evolutionary accounts of religion and the question of warranted belief

Ecclesiological Issues

  • Identifying tradition-specific theological barriers to accepting evolution
  • Identifying concerns specific to church leaders related to evolution
  • Identifying ways in which evolution enriches worship
  • Communicating evolution to youth groups and/or children
  • Preparing pastors to become better equipped to communicate the richness of evolutionary creation
  • Preparing pastors for communicating with parishioners who seem hostile to evolution
  • Seminary training about evolution
  • Overcoming communication barriers
  • Encouraging the Church to engage the life of the mind (in this case, specifically the science of evolution)

History and Sociology

  • History of pro- and anti-evolution movements within Evangelicalism
  • Reviewing different positions within the evolutionary creation umbrella and how they relate to other views (e.g. Intelligent Design)
  • Anti-evolution as a social phenomenon
  • Impact of evolution on the faith of science students
  • Christian critique of sociobiology

Psychology and Neuroscience

  • Various topics related to evolutionary psychology and behavior