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Theology of Original Sin in Various Human Origins Scenarios

Calvin College
Dr. Loren Haarsma

When Christians consider human evolution, the issues which generate the greatest concern usually cluster around the historicity of Adam and Eve and original sin. What means did God use to create humans? How intellectually and morally advanced were the first humans who sinned? How did God reveal his will to them? Was their sinful rebellion sudden or gradual? How does the first sin of a few individuals become a universal human condition of sinfulness? What are the theological consequencesto the competing answers to these questions? My goal, rather than advocate just one possible scenario for human origins and original sin, is to map out systematically many possible scenarios, all of which still affirm historical, creedal Christianity as well as the conclusions of modern science. I will not only describe these spectrums of scenarios, but also discuss various theological strengths and challenges of each scenario. I will develop this research into a book, a series of scholarly articles, and several shorter articles for BioLogos and for magazines for general Christian audiences. I will use grant funds for some release time from teaching duties, to hire students as research assistants, and to give honoraria to collaborators from numerous theological and scientific fields who will help edit my work. These collaborators will also be asked to speak at Calvin College as part of our ongoing science and Christian faith seminar series, with their talks archived on the web.

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