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Meet the Grantees

This project is supported by The BioLogos Foundation’s Evolution & Christian Faith program. BioLogos does not necessarily endorse the views expressed by the Project Leader(s) or their institution, nor do the Project Leader(s) or their institution necessarily endorse the views expressed by BioLogos.

Origins Video

Faith Alive Christian Resources
Rev. Leonard Vander Zee and Mr. Dean Heetderks

With this award, Faith Alive Christian Resources will produce six high quality video for use by small groups in studying its book, Origins: Christian Perspectives on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design, by Deb and Loren Haarsma. This book, which has already sold some 8,000 copies, has proved an excellent resource for helping evangelical Christians think through the issues of science, faith, scripture, and human origins. It approaches the subjects in a very accessible style, and, rather than push for a particular viewpoint on each topic, it allows the readers to come to their own conclusions, on the basis of the scientific and biblical evidence given.  This book can be particularly effective when used by small groups or in church education settings for adults and older teens. In these situations, it is increasingly necessary to have a strong video component, since lay leaders feel unqualified to “lead” or “teach” in a small group setting on what may be a controversial subject.  We believe, therefore, that the video production to accompany the book for small group and church education settings, will help spread the BioLogos message on the compatibility of science, and particularly “theistic evolution” and Christian faith.

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