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Meet the Grantees

This project is supported by The BioLogos Foundation’s Evolution & Christian Faith program. BioLogos does not necessarily endorse the views expressed by the Project Leader(s) or their institution, nor do the Project Leader(s) or their institution necessarily endorse the views expressed by BioLogos.

Moving Pastors Toward Scientific Literacy

Gordon College
Dr. Craig Story and Dr. Justin Topp

We will build an international network of pastors committed to increasing their scientific literacy. Pastors, as with the general population, often do not have a solid understanding of modern science, either of its methods or achievements. This lack of understanding, together with anti-religious proclamations coming from some members of the scientific community, can lead to suspicion and rejection of science, which can in turn hinder the gospel.

Our overarching goal is to provide pastors with tools to approach issues of science and faith with greater confidence.

We will create a safe forum for discussion and dialogue between pastors and working scientists who are also believers, where we will critically examine perspectives offered by science and faith. We will offer a one-week intensive course, taught cooperatively with science and seminary faculty, to a cohort of pastors from the US and Korea each summer, starting in 2014. We hope this program will gain a reputation for quality and excellence and become an ongoing resource for pastors to improve their understanding and appreciation of science as a way of learning about God’s world.  To help refine the philosophical issues surrounding this conversation, we will also produce a book and scholarly articles. We plan to chronicle and document this effort in various ways, to help the program grow and to share it with other institutions.

Project Activity

Pastors, Science and Faith Course

July 28-Aug 2, 2014. Gordon College

This is the first workshop funded by this grant. Approximately 20 pastors will be attending, from all over the US and Canada, and Korea. Public events during the week are noted on the BioLogos events page.

Please see the Pastors, Science and Faith website for more details.