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This project is supported by The BioLogos Foundation’s Evolution & Christian Faith program. BioLogos does not necessarily endorse the views expressed by the Project Leader(s) or their institution, nor do the Project Leader(s) or their institution necessarily endorse the views expressed by BioLogos.

God's Brushes: Evolution, Creation & Christian Faith

Westmont College
Professor Jeffrey Schloss

This project seeks to complete a comprehensive analytic survey of fundamental anthropological, ethical, and other philosophical concerns important across Christian traditions and for which evolutionary theory has profound if still unresolved implications: human uniqueness and imago dei, design and teleology in biological systems, natural evil, progress and providence in nature's history, love as a credible human telos, the biological origin of moral judgment, the evolution of religious cognition and attendant implications for theistic belief.  The project will assess these issues in light of both theoretical consensus and emerging debates within evolutionary biology itself, and the relationship between varying scientific accounts and both philosophical background beliefs and their putative theological entailments.

Why treat such a broad range of issues in one project?  Because – although much popular attention has focused on historiographic or doctrinal issues –  the plausible consonance between Christian theism and evolutionary theory very much depends on the interaction between theological understanding and differing evolutionary approaches to this entire range of philosophical issues. Civil, tentative, multi-disciplinary, scientifically & theologically ecumenical assessment is needed.

The project will complete one and substantially develop a second book. Both will emphasize the theological entailments of evolution, and also the implications of background beliefs in formulating and evaluating evolutionary hypotheses. One is an interdisciplinary volume on biology and religion, under contract with Cambridge Press in their philosophy of biology series.  The second is a popular book treating a comparable range of issues for a Christian lay audience.

Project Activity

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