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This project is supported by The BioLogos Foundation’s Evolution & Christian Faith program. BioLogos does not necessarily endorse the views expressed by the Project Leader(s) or their institution, nor do the Project Leader(s) or their institution necessarily endorse the views expressed by BioLogos.

Evolutionary Psychology and Christian Views on Human Thriving

Fuller Theological Seminary
Dr. Pamela King, Dr. Justin Barrett, and Dr. James Furrow

Because Christian psychologists have largely stayed away from evolutionary psychology, the metaphysical and ethical assumptions of its non-theist practitioners have tended to become passively accepted and conflated with the genuine scientific insights of this area of science.  Evolutionary psychology need not be practiced in a way hostile to theism or Christianity, but holds intellectual and methodological resources that may invigorate Christian psychology around some of humanity’s biggest questions. This project demonstrates the fruitfulness of placing evolutionary psychology and Christian theological anthropology into direct conversation by considering the question: What is human thriving? The Fuller Evolutionary Psychology and Human Thriving Project is an interdisciplinary research project drawing upon the fields of theology, evolutionary psychology, and developmental psychology. Through a process of convening leaders in theology, the social sciences, and the church, the project will produce a jointly authored volume; reports for Christian academics, ministers, and educators; a course curriculum for seminaries; and web-based resources that will enable Christians to understand the philosophical and methodological significance of evolutionary psychology as it relates to human thriving. Of particular importance to the project is the role of the church in enabling its congregants to thrive spiritually and as persons. The Fuller Theological Seminary team is led by Pamela Ebstyne King, a developmental psychologist and ordained minister (P.C. USA) and is joined by cognitive and evolutionary psychologist, Justin Barrett; attachment scholar and marital and family therapist, Jim Furrow; and analytic theologian, Oliver Crisp.

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