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Meet the Grantees

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Creatures of God: An Evangelical-Catholic Dialogue on Sin, Evolution and Human Nature

Concordia University
Dr. Paul Allen

This project has the objective of producing a scholarly monograph tentatively entitled Creaturehood Ascendant: Sin and Science in Theological Anthropology as well as several scholarly articles. This research will lay out a theological anthropology that builds on specific emphases of Catholic and evangelical theology in order to respond to the theory of evolution. This project constructively engages with scientific portraits of human nature in a systematic theology that combines an attention to the way Augustine interpreted the Bible, a multi-disciplinary interpretation of sin and a Christian integration of Darwinian conservatism and natural law theory. Second, the project will involve the staging of four ‘Academy and Church’ seminars of ‘Catholic-Evangelical’ dialogue on human nature, sin and evolution in Canada between 2013 and 2015, resulting in the production of an edited volume. Calling on Catholic and evangelical scholarly leaders, the project envisions an important overlap and complementary perspectives between these two traditions in their respective understandings of human nature. Created in the image of God, human persons are better understood, yet not reducible to the processes explained by the theory of evolution. Together, Catholics and evangelicals are able to cover a wide range of moral, biblical, theological and philosophical commitments that investigate and account for human personhood.

Project Activity

Dr. Allen spoke on “Theology in the University: Pluralism and its Foundations” at the “Christian Faith and the University” conference, held September 26-28, 2013, in Montreal, Canada.

Video: Creatures of God: Theological Anthropology in the Context of Evolution - a Catholic-Evangelical Dialogue (January 23, 2015)

Conference: Being Human: God, Evolution, and the Moral Imperative [PDF]