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Author of Life: Seeing God in Evolution and Creation

Punahou School
Chaplain Joshua Hayashi and Ms. Diane Sweeney

A dynamic team of an educator, a chaplain, a scientist and media specialists will produce multimedia curricula for high school students.  This series will encourage and challenge young people to think deeply about God's role as Creator.  Through professionally produced, short documentary films, expert commentary, and student testimonies, this project will help students connect and deepen their Christian faith with their biology curricula.  In addition, a printed study guide will help facilitate guided small group discussion to help them process these ideas.  

This series will attempt to augment and deepen the biology class curricula by connecting to the orthodox teaching they have learned in church about our Creator and his relationship to creation. We recognize the personal and intellectual tension that our students face in our society which polarizes faith and science.  Questions that seek to integrate the sciences and faith into a larger world-view are routinely dismissed. In essence, we hope to take the answers to several questions that students struggle with that are explained so eloquently in The Language of Science and Faith (Giberson & Collins, 2011), and make them visual, tangible and more tailored to this audience.  The series of lessons will be geared primarily towards engaging the attention of the Christian millennial generation in their high school and early college years.

Project Activity

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Project videos

All of these videos are also available on Youtube.

Episode 1: Seeing Things Differently

Episode 2: The Creation Story

Episode 3: God as Artist

Episode 4: The Beauty of God's Creative Process

Episode 5: How Our Creator Shapes Us

Episode 6: Image of God

Episode 7: Caring for Creation