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Permission to Re-use and/or Translate BioLogos Materials

At BioLogos we value the open exchange of ideas, but at the same time we desire to protect the quality of the work and the rights of our contributors.

All material that appears on the BioLogos website is copyrighted—by the original author/creator, BioLogos, or another source from which we have received permission to re-use the work.

Therefore, permission to re-use or translate portions of material—ranging from a single figure to a whole article—must be requested and granted unless the material is exempt under “fair use.” Fair use is the non-commercial use of the copyrighted work for purposes such as education or instruction, research, scholarship, or commentary. Note that it is advisable to request permission for the re-use of significant portions of a work even if you are using it for non-commercial purposes.

If you would like to re-use or translate BioLogos materials, please answer the following questions and submit this form. We will determine who owns the copyright and, if not BioLogos, we will refer your request to the owner.

  • For each item, please include author/creator, title, URL, and a description of the portion of material you wish to re-use.

  • If you are requesting re-use for the purpose of posting on a blog or website, please provide a link to your site. If you are requesting re-use for a print publication, please provide a summary of the larger work.

  • Please name the person or organization doing the translation, comment on language fluency, and comment on understanding of the subject matter.